YOUR ECM will be programmed to YOUR specifications. Every ECM is custom to the vehicle receiving it. We do not use base files or someone else's work. If you are embarking on a project and did not get controllers with your Gen V engine, we can usually supply the correct controller for your application. If you want to swap transmissions that can be easily accomplished also. The programming process starts with the owner filling out a supplied worksheet and sending it in. We review the sheet and if any changes need to be made we discuss them. Upon receipt of the worksheet and payment, your controllers will be shipped within 48 hours. USPS 2nd day insured service is included free of charge.  

  • ​Support for 4.3 LV3, 5.3 L83, and 6.2 LT1, LT4, and L86 Gen V direct injection engines, 2014-present.
  • Donor vehicles supported include Camaro, Corvette, Silverado, Sierra, Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban. 
  • Removal of emissions controls for pre-emissions installs.
  • Removal vehicle speed limiter if desired.
  • Removal of VATS and immobilizer.
  • Adjust electric fan temperature settings.
  • Adjust tire size and gear ratio.
  • Removal of certain DTC's to eliminate unwanted check engine light.
  • Removal of torque management if desired.
  • Mild performance tune.
  • Firm up shifts and adjust shift schedule. (only available if I receive your TCM.)
  • 2017+ T87A TCM not supported at this time.

LS Solutions Provides Turnkey Ready ECM Calibrations for Gen V LTx Engine Swaps!

​2014-2018 E92 ECM: $400 - Prices include 2 day, insured return shipping.

LSx and LTx ECM Programming by LS Solutions


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